Prompt excellent service for my BMW. I had some bad experiences in the past having my BMW serviced by shops that do not specialize in European cars, but I am tired of the trouble and expense of taking it to a dealer. When I needed a new battery, I was delighted to find Euro Car. They have knowledgeable technicians that specialize in servicing and maintaining European vehicles - the work was done promptly and professionally. I will be using Euro Car for all of my BMW service from now on.

Thank you for the kind review. Glad we could be of service. Look forward to seeing you again. Euro Car Center LLC.

I drive all the way from West Bedford to have Don and his crew work on my car. Total trust. My VW Jetta is 9 years old and has over 80k miles on it and still runs beautifully.

We will keep her running well for as long as you have her. Thank you again for the link to the possible new second location. Have a great Holiday season. Euro Car Center LLC.

Don knows his Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen vehicles incredibly well and is thorough with any car he works on. I will always make the extra trip to Euro Car Center to have him work on my 05 Allroad.

As always Sarge, great seeing you, and I am glad we make it worth your trip. Euro Car Center LLC.

Awesome service! Fast, friendly and fair prices. Don and his staff are both knowledgable and courteous. Will use them exclusively going foward.

Glad to have you as a customer. Look forward to a great relationship with you.Euro Car Center LLC.

I've had 4 different mechanics work on my VW Passat over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, they often; cut corners by doing things like not knowing what they were doing ( leading to more time in the shop),and/or just didn't want to complete the more challenging tasks correctly. This was the first time I visited EuroCar and found Don and his crew to be by far the best and most qualified mechanics. They were quite thorough in the work they did. They found and corrected errors on the work done by my previous mechanic and discovered and repaired a myriad of issues, like leaks and broken parts that had been neglected for some time. Instead of turning a blind eye to these challenging problems he, and his team, worked hard to resolve them. Don is also great to deal with. He communicates well and takes great pride in fixing your car right. He doesn't want a car leaving his shop without fixing it 100%.

Hello George, I am confident we will be the last technicians you seek out in your quest to take care of the Passat, and your future vehicles. Pleasure having you as a customer and we look forward to seeing you again.Euro Car Center LLC.

Don once again you took care of one of my cars . i thank you and my son thanks you for taken care of his car.....after dealing with you i found myself surprisingly needing another car and feeling confident in your work yes bought a third one so you'll definitely be seeing me as a steady cust thanks again ...Paul D

Enjoy the new car, we will be looking froward to keeping her running well as well.Euro Car Center LLC.

Brought my 2012 Audi for annual service in after years of loyalty to dealer during warranty period. While Euro car center is not a large operation, I found the staff to be very professional and knowledgable. On inspection an issue was found requiring a major replacement. Don did a great job of explaining the issue and working with me on scheduling. After service I had some follow on questions and Don handled them with great professionalism and care for his customer not seen by many businesses. I'll definitely be back, and would recommend Euro Car Center to anyone looking to keep their car running smoothly for years to come!

Thank you Garrett. we might be smaller then the dealers, although we always thrive to treat our customers and their vehicles with care and detail that gets lost in the bigger operations. Look forward to having you as a customer.Euro Car Center LLC.

Don great service as always. He even noticed a couple things the car that was a safety issues (day time runner out and blinker out) that I hadn't and ordered the parts and repaired the issue. I guess what I really enjoy about going to Euro Car Center is that I have developed a rapport with the owner and he knows I like to work on my own cars so certain things I will take care of which he will tell me ("hey your brakes are going you may want to replace them etc"). He also knows now if my car is in for one service but something else is found wrong he will call if its major, or just take care of it if its minor. He also now is taking care of my Honda Pilot so he works on all makes. Thanks again Don appreciate all your help!

I am so glad that we can help. Our staff is trained to look for those things as opposed to the Quick Lube places where it is about moving cars in and out, or the dealers that tend to look for the up-sell opportunity. We want our customers vehicles to be as safe and reliable as possible and take the time to make sure they are. Look forward to taking care of your cars and working with you for a long time to come. All the best DonEuro Car Center LLC.

Great service! Will definitely be back


Great service and reasonable prices.

Hello Kathy, thank you for the term "Reasonable Prices", we do not have the overhead of the big dealerships and as a result can try to be a little more competitive with our repairs. Saying that, as I tell everyone, we are not the cheapest shop in town, but I am extremely confident in our skills and attention to detail. I take a lot of pride in allowing my staff to take the time they need to do the job right, coupled together with the tools and training we invest, I am sure our repairs exceeded many dealer standards. We look forward to seeing you again.Euro Car Center LLC.
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